Yostar Games' Pixel Art Mobile RPG 'Revived Witch' Launches Globally

Revived Witch, a pixel art mobile RPG developed by Chinese indie studio PixelNeko, was released for the English market on 10 November by Yostar Games, the publisher behind Arknights.


Revived Witch is an action-adventure role-playing game that transports players to a time-space where realities clash. Upon awakening in a dreamy woodland with memory loss, players assume the role of a witch and journey to the Chrono Tower, which serves as a portal to alternate realms. The strange story of the witch will eventually be revealed as the missions progress further into the field. Players will be tasked with the duty of restoring order to the twisted fantasy world, but the trip has only just begun for them.

With dynamic pixel art graphics and a dual-energy bar fighting system, the game offers familiar gameplay sensations in a dynamic pixel art environment. It's time to embark on a wonderful journey of exploration!


Players will encounter evil monsters as they travel across a variety of locales. The battles have a distinct retro RPG flavor to them, yet they move at a faster speed than in previous games. The most important aspect of Revived Witch's gameplay is the timely deployment of a three-doll squad and the strategic accumulation of the double energy bar. Dolls are available in six different classes to assist players with a variety of activities and to battle foes who possess a variety of combat strengths.


With the introduction of the real-time dual-energy bar, players will need to mix and match techniques in order to achieve stronger effects. Order Energy will be acquired over time, whilst Chaos Energy will be used to unlock further skills after normal skills have been discharged. After utilizing a Chaos Energy talent, it is possible to obtain Soul Marks. When all of the markings are illuminated, the Energy Outbreak mode will be launched, and players will be able to fire a variety of skills that may be used to create combos and cause massive damage. Regardless of the outcome of the combat, the player always has the option to change the path of events.

Official Gameplay Trailer​