"You Are Not Alone" (YANA) Campaign Unite Gamers Against COVID-19 Pandemic

After the successful #playapartogether campaign, another big online gaming event will once more showcase that video games are more than just for entertainment this upcoming May 2.

"You Are Not Alone" or YANA is a friendraiser campaign that encourages every gamers and even non-gamers in a largescale online gaming event which also serves as a means to promote social distancing in line with COVID - 19 outbreak. It was created by European esports and video game leaders but now it also reaches other regions from SEA. It aims to unite people across the world despite the effects of mass isolation through playing video games and watching/streaming video game content.

Everyone around the globe regardless of time zones, culture, and language can join the said event which will be launching on May 2 starting 12 noon to 12 midnight. A series of game events will be announced soon such as online tournaments where everyone can participate. YANA also invites streamers whether professional or non-professional to create their content and broadcast it on their own channels on Twitch or Youtube. The following hashtags can be used in your streams to show your support for the campaign:

  • #Digitalvscovid
  • # YANAVN

But more than just bringing everyone closer via video games, YANA wanted also to help those who are in need during this moment of pandemic and the frontlines who are keeping us all safe from COVID-19. You can give donations by signing up at Just Giving, a fundraising event in partnership with YANA, where you can choose a charity where you can donate to.

Among the games that participants can play and stream for YANA includes Tekken, League of Legends, PUBG, CS GO, DOTA 2, Fortnite, FIFA 2020, and a whole lot more (even your titas and titos who play the likes of Candy Crush can join too!).

You can check out updates and announcements on their website. Game broadcast will be available at @10milliongamers on Facebook Gaming and Twitch. Stay home and ready your joystick as we unite as one against COVID - 19!