Your Childhood tales turn to Nightmare: SINoALICE First Impressions

Finally, after countless delays, problems, either technical or via the publisher's fault, SINoALICE has been released to Global today! As we delve into one of the gacha community's most hyped game. I am here to talk about what my experiences are as I joined along thousands of users who played the game and tested it myself for the first time. Let's talk about SINoALICE!

Downloading the game takes you to the introduction of the puppets that will guide you along the way. One great aspect in the launch of SINoALICE Global, it's about their rerolling. Well, the JP version was also not that hard, since you just clear data before you sign the contract. But in Global, this is where the fun starts. After you reroll your first "Grimorie" (the summons in the game) there is an option to get to "Summon another Grimorie" click that and you can reroll again. This is unlimited by the way, so you can reroll to your heart's content.

The focus? Well, basically you need to get atleast 2 SR weapons of the same type that you wish to play, for gunners you can go find 2 guns or bows, much like the rest. But people can suggest you also strive to get job that also gets the character their weapon. But that's a little more hard to get with the 2 SR weapons, so pick your fancy. If you really want to go all the way, get yourself a nightmare too! But it is unconfirmed if there are nightmares already in the reroll phase so be warned! Oh, Nightmares are familiars that you can summon for a boost of effect. It's pretty handy when needed.


Remember back in few articles, we told you about that the game is based on a weapons-gacha? Well, here is why it is important to know. You aim to get weapons so that you can fill your grid with your weapons. Although some jobs can use other weapons such as Gunners can also use Swords, Heavy, etc. They specialize in Bows and Guns so that's what they should prioritize with. Fill your weapon grid with your weapons so that you can have things to use in the battle. Weapons go from L, SR, S, A and sometimes B and C. Focus on getting L, SRs and S in your list, as much as you can. A are usually just placeholders until you get better weapons. Weapons do have affinity too, Fire beats Wind, Wind beats Water and finally Water beats Fire. Think of it as a Rock-Paper-Scissors approach.

Now head to battle with your character, together with your weapons. Pay attention the the enemy affinity, use that knowledge to tap the weapon that can counter it. Be careful of using your SP too much, as you might not be able to attack/support early on. But don't worry, you are not alone there. You will have 4 friendly characters alongside you. Usually CPUs that control other player, so in this case even if you use supporter, if your allies are DPS, don't need to fret that you won't finish the map.

The gameplay is not for everyone I believe. But it can truly shine when you're not curbstomping the enemy anymore. once the enemy and bosses stay long, they'll have the chance to counter-attack causing you to have trouble in managing the damage. Once your grid has been used, you can reload for the cost of 20 SP, also you can summon Nightmares for 50 SP, so you need to strategize what would benefit the game better. Each rounds usually have 3 waves, 2 mobs and one for boss. So know how to preserve SP.

PVP in the game is one of the more interesting yet might be a hard thing to penetrate if you want to go competitive. Since, you need to find a guild that you can go on. Guilds are groups that you need to join so you can participate in the Colosseum. Colosseum is the PVP feature where you participate in usually 15v15 battle. Where there are 10 supports at the backline and 5 carries in the front. You fight REAL-TIME (if not, a bot will fight for you if you're offline) until there's a winner. There are various schedules that you can pick once you are in a guild, so make sure to find the most eligible one for your members if you're the leader.

Where gameplay can be a hit-or-miss, the story is where the game shines through! You play in the "Library" where characters from various fairy tales come alive in search of ways to revive their author. HOWEVER, this is not your sort of goody-two-shoes princesses and characters. No, no, they are twisted forms of themselves. Cinderella is a depraved individual who is corrupted on her views from her sisters, mother and Prince Charming. Snow White is now a self-righteous justice seeking individual and Gretel is kinda.... crazy now. Nevertheless, exploring their stories and them making their own cross tales are a gem to behold. Each chapter you will read about their verses. Their verses contain their statements, thoughts and feelings. In Cinderella and Snow White Cross Tale, it showed how they are polar opposites of each other yet they need to work together, for... can't say much, read it at your own thoughts. Can't spoil much!

The weapons and other gear also have their own story, the puppets can even tell you a thing or two about them if you advance further. SINoALICE is a big game that may have some PVP aspects, but since the creative director is Yoko Taro, expect big story stuff in the game.


Music in the game is stellar and boasts a strong cast that directs it. From Keiichi Okabe from the Nier series, you can expect a great track everytime you move in various menus and options. You can feel the atmosphere of the game that is more dark and gritty than your usual fun music since the game is meant to be dark. As much as I'd like to say more, the music just simply justifies itself

Here's the title screen music for starters.

One of the OST is something like this too

I say those are very neat to have. There are more too. So music's a great addition for me!

Other things

If you like to play longer than you have. There's a way to gather your AP (stamina) and even gain EXP by doing a "Purification" on the upper right you can see a purification option, do it and just slay the enemies there, each kill can grant you one AP meaning you're good to go once you finish that. Enjoy it while you're in Rank 20 or below, having more ranks can make you cost 1 Purification Ticket so there's something that you might need to conserve too.

While the gameplay may not be for everyone, the music, the story, the theme, and the atmosphere are things that really set SINoALICE apart from their other competitors. The waifus are also a great addition too, I'd love myself some Princess Kaguya if you ask me. Submissive Oneesan is a new thing in my eyes now. But I guess it really depends on your liking, both the game and their waifus, I suggest you try it out, since you can get a quick and fast reroll, try for a few days, if it sticks, welcome aboard if not, there are more games out there for you so check them out as well. But for me, I am definitely sticking around here.