Your job when you go Aov lane (Midlaner)

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May 11, 2015
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#AoVTips Your job when you go mid lane (Midlaner)

Mid lane is where you can get gold and exp quicker w/out having to roam and kill jungle monster (Jungler), but your duty ib the mid lane is NOT to push and secure towers early game, rather, your job is to

1. Clear the minion/creep waves to create pressure, forcing the enemy to defend their towers
2. Once cleared, roam to the sidelanes and help secure objectives (towers, Abyssal Dragon, ganks etc)

Whether you use MM, Mages, or other roles, you will not able to secure the mid tower during the first few minutes, UNLESS:

1. The game haved spawned siege weapons (4 min game time)
2. You have at least 2-3 attack items (MM only)
3. You have your team to help push mid

May this tips help improve your player skills.