Yu Yu Hakusho Genkai Battle Spirits Preregistration is now open Initially slated back in 2019, now releasing in 2021 iOS Android 

People in our generation have watched various anime as the local television network would acquire rights on them and we would eat it up as kids. We relish in our favorite characters and imitate them as they inspire us to be better or they are just that likable in the series. We wish some of those won't end but as they change their lineup of anime, it happens. We wish sometimes we have other ways to interact with the series. Well, we apparently can if they have other ways like the game we will talk about.


Remember Yu Yu Hakusho? Back here in the Philippines, it is widely known as Ghost Fighter. We have cherished the characters there as we watch them grow and their stories unveil and resolve in the series. From Yusuke, Kazuma, Hiei, and a lot more. We have seen their friendship, struggles, and how they overcame their trials. But if we like to relive it, it seems 2021 will be the year for it.


Yu Yu Hakusho Genkai Battle Spirits is an upcoming role-playing game that is set in the original series universe. You can play with your favorite characters either by single-player or even try the game with a co-op feature with your friend. While there is no set date when in the year 2021. There is already a pre-registration ongoing for those who are interested in playing the game. You can pre-register by clicking this link.

Here's a video from the folks down at GamerBraves will show us what to expect in the game. Fans of the series will definitely flock to relive the nostalgia, but how would it fare in the global market? It has yet to be known. Will you ride in the nostalgia train and play this? Join the discussion!