Z4pnu is currently trying to recruit former Execration member S4gitnu to Omega Esports

On a vlog posted on July 23 by Omega’s pro player, Billy “Z4pnu” Alfonso, he stated that he is trying to recruit the former Execration member, Jeff “S4gitnu” Subang, who is currently in the Nexplay Esports.


S4gitnu left Execration after the team got third place in the MPL PH Season 6. According to Z4pnu, S4gitnu lost his determination to play competitively and was unmotivated to take his esports career seriously. Z4pnu let him leave the team and was given the choice to return once he’s ready.

S4gitnu is currently in Nexplay Esports. He is doing various livestreams and vlogs where he plays with other Mobile Legends pro players. Z4pnu also stated that Omega Esports has been playing with S4gitnu through their scrim and ranked matches which showed the former coach of Execration how much S4gitnu improved.

Z4pnu is keeping in contact with S4gitnu and may recruit him in the future. He further added that if S4gitnu continues to improve himself, then there’s a high chance that he will be added back into the team which is now Omega Esports.

However, it’s still up to S4gitnu whether he wants to change teams or not. There’s no confirmation yet if he will be joining Omega Esports. Though there’s one thing for sure, S4gitnu will continue to grind hard under Nexplay Esports even if he’ll not be competing in the upcoming MPL PH Season 8.


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