Zenless Zone Zero reaches all of its pre-registration milestones, unlocking all the rewards!

A month ahead of Zenless Zone Zero’s July 2024 launch, HoYoVerse has revealed all of the game’s pre-registration rewards. With the rewards now unlocked, there’ll be four different kinds of items that will be given to all players who will start playing once the game has officially been released.

zenless zone zero.jpg

This announcement was released due to the game reaching its final pre-registration milestone. The pre-registration phase had 40 million players pre-registering and showing an interest in playing Zenless Zone Zero on PS5, PC, and mobile devices.

Here is the full list of tiers that were reached since the game started its pre-registration at the end of April of this year:
  • 15 million global pre-registrations: 30,000 Dennies
  • 20 million global pre-registrations: 3 Master Tapes
  • 25 million global pre-registrations: 5 Boopon Coup-Ens
  • 30 million global pre-registrations: 5 Master Tapes
  • 35 million global pre-registrations: Free Agent Corin character
  • 40 million global pre-registrations: 12 Master Tapes
Note, the Dennies are like the Credits in Honkai: Star Rail. It functions the same as well. For the Master Tapes, it can be used on the gacha. Add to that, all of the items will appear in your in-game inbox.

zenless zone zero1.jpg

Aside from the confirmation of Zenless Zone Zero pre-registration rewards, the developers have also released a new brief animation about one of the characters in the game. It features Von Lycaon, a character affiliated with the Victoria Housekeeping faction.


Zenless Zone Zero will be launching on July 4, 2024 for PS5, PC, and mobile devices. Pre-registrations are still open.