Zero Games Launches Mobile MMORPG Tears of God

Zero Games announced today that its mobile MMORPG Tears of God has launched globally in 119 countries.
  • Download Tears of God in Google Play and App Store
  • Available in four languages including English, Chinese (Traditional), Spanish and Portuguese
  • Create your own hero and dive into Tears of God's classic MMORPG experience
Tears of God.png

Available in four languages including English, Chinese (Traditional), Spanish, and Portuguese, Tears of God can be downloaded from Google Play and App Store.

Tears of God invites players into the war-torn land of Byron Empire, where heroes will confront against the army of Demons to save the Empire from chaos.

The game offers players a classic role-playing game experience, where players can choose to be one of the three classes - Knight, Archer, and Magician - and create their own heroes as they level up, forge equipment and summon pets.

To make heroes more powerful, the game encourages players to experiment with its Transformation System of more than 110 variations to unlock the characters' special abilities and skills.

Players may face the dangers alone, or form Guilds to join forces as they engage in field battles and slay massive world bosses.

Tears of God was first released in Korea in August 2019, where it achieved no. 10 grossing app in Google Play.

Seoul, South Korea – July 16, 2020

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