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Oct 6, 2016
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Posted and Offer By Nocturnal (Zhyper Network Owner)

If any of you or if you know anyone who has his own MU Server and wants to step up their game then i invite them to merge with Zhyper Networks.

We will be able to absorb and merge other server database characters & items.

Putting up Server is a Passion and ive seen a lot of private server who died after few months of hosting, or some server owner just got tired or fed up hosting and closes down his server.

So here is my Proposal :

If you own a Server and you are struggling to get players, pay for the server machine or having technical difficulties with your server files then merge with Zhyper Server and please don't worry about your donations because you will get your players donations you will just share with server fee and services + license to our official files but you will get your own donation from your players and your players will enjoy large community server.

Same goes with server owner who are about to close down or no more interest in hosting, instead of leaving your players behind then please merge them to us we will take care every technical matters and management you will just sit and you will still get your players donation.

When you merge your database with us your server accounts will have their own ticker identifier for us to validate players who came from whatever server.

And yes we will absorb your team under our management.

I am starting this initiative because i feel really sad for those players left behind by closed down servers, time and money wasted just like that and i feel we can still save them :)

Please share this news to any server owner you know :)


If you are Interested , You Can Contact / Email The Zhyper Network Owner (Nocturnal): [email protected]

You Will maybe Merged with the Following:
ZhyperMU: MuOnline Server - ZhyperMU Season 8
* Currently #1 in XtremeTop100.com - Gaming top 100 list for MU-Online Category And Current #3 in Overall Rankings.

PrideMU: MU Online Server - PrideMU Season 8 Ep3
* Currently #1 in Top 100 Mu Online Private Servers Rankings.

Special Features That You Can Experience in Zhyper Network:
*Trade Transaction Log
*Personal Store Transaction Log
*Account Lock System
*Account Pincode Lock System
*Access Code (You Can't Delete Characters With out Requesting it First While Request be reviewed first)
*Web Trade (Massive Item Trades Can be Done Through Website Automatically, No need Assistance)
*Web Trade Transaction Log
*Cash Points Purchase Log
*Log In - IP Address Log
Note: This Systems are To Prevent Scamming ,hacking and Keylog.

*Voucher Item System
- 1 Cashpoints Voucher
- 5 Cashpoints Voucher
- 2 VIP points Voucher
- 2 VIP Days Vouchers

"Under Development"
*In-Game Duel Bet System (automatic)
*And We are open for suggestion that it's possible in the capacity of our coding Team.

*Advanced Anti-Cheat System
*Active PVP Balance Adjustment (New Meta Approach)
*Active Market Zone (Player to Player Tradings)
*Weekly Bloody Castle Siege
*Arka War (3 Times a Week)
*Active Automatic Ingame System Events with prize of Cashpoints

So what are you waiting for ? join us, and be part of our Big and Growing Community