ZhyperMU Season 8

Discussion in 'Apple iOS' started by MyRamses, Jun 12, 2016.

  1. MyRamses

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    Team: BRIGADE

    ZhyperMU Season 8 Episode 2

    Season ex702 Plus features (New UI, Elemental System, New map, New Items and Others
    Biggest Mu community
    Tier2 items
    New sets and weapons
    New level 4 wings "Conquer, Angel & Devil"
    All original items no skins
    Inventory expansion
    Advanced Mu Helper
    Advanced anti-cheat
    Account lock system
    PRO service
    10 years of existence

    Join Us Now

    Forum: www.muonline.biz/zhyper
    site: www.zhypermu.com

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