ZLM Crafter


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Mar 16, 2019
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Good afternoon, I want to bring to your attention our new game:)

ZLM Crafter is a project name, Z means Zeal, L means Love, and M means Manner. In the current version (V1.4.0.0), you will experience the world of AXIOX. If you leave the main city too far, the Protocol will overload and accelerate your death.

This version is Z World, which is the world of Zeal. The only thing you need to do is to survive, to survive...

Game features:
Extremely real water. It is far from the earlier version 1.3, we hope you like the surface of this version.
Survival mode. In version 1.3, you are the creative mode. You have experienced the feeling of being a god, but with the update of the version, you will join the plot mode, and will also launch two other maps: L, M.

New Updates:
So let's talk about the other updates! The first is the subsystem. Due to the increase in skills and modes, the button display in the lower-left corner is too complicated. Therefore, we have integrated all the functions in one. You only need to press Alt to call the subsystem

The acquisition of the subsystem can only be started by obtaining two installation packages in AXIOX City. If there is no subsystem, various skills cannot be used.

A new turret system is added. Generally, when you see this type of button, there must be 1-2 turrets that have not been activated nearby. After activation, the turret activation time is limited. Once the connection is disconnected, it takes 5 minutes to charge.

The animation sequence has been updated. Now each map of the theme has an opening animation and subtitles.

There are many other details of the update, you are welcome to explore and discover!