Zombie No More: Call Of Duty Mobile Will Remove Its Zombie Mode This Month

It was a surprised announcement from the developers of one of the fast rising FPS mobile game, Call of Duty Mobile, that its Zombie Mode will be removed in the game starting March 25, 2020 in the exact date where they are planning to launch a new update for the said game.

Timi Studios who is the lead developer of COD Mobile stated that the Zombie Mode “didn’t reach the level of quality that they desire”. Despite the fact the developer previously wanted to ‘potentially shape the mode for the future’, the Zombie mode looks like will never see the light of the day anymore. Even the latest Call of Duty title Modern Warfare will not feature its own Zombie Mode which is first among the COD title since Call of Duty: Ghost.

In addition to this, the studio will not release the second zombie map called Nacht Der Untoten globally but they assure that this map might return as well as the Zombie mode in the future once they are certain that their quality will be high enough.

COD Mobile developer ended their official statement that they will be focusing in the meantime more on COD Mobile’s Battle Royale, Multiplayer and Rank Mode features.