Zombie survival MMORPG Crisis X - Your Last Survival opens early access in SEA region for Android

HUNTERGAME's zombie survival MMORPG, CrisisX - Your Last Survival, is currently accessible for early access on Android devices in Southeast Asia. Players must survive the apocalypse as they take on the role of a little girl lost in a wide-open, perilous world in this game.


CrisisX is not your average zombie survival game on smartphones. You will be immersed in a fully realized massively multiplayer online role-playing game where every choice you make will have a lasting impact on the universe. A diverse group of gamers will undoubtedly be enthralled with this game due to its captivating gameplay and breathtaking graphics. Your goal? Just survive. But in order to accomplish that, you'll need to scrounge for supplies, repel fierce enemies, and make tough choices that will affect your destiny.

The game controls are relatively easy to understand. Use the joystick found at the left side of the screen to move your character and explore the massive game map. For other interactions, you can find them on the right side of the screen where you can tap on different actions such as chopping wood or fending off the undead. Also, remember to keep an eye on your characters vital stats, such as health and energy, to prevent any instances of fainting.


CrisisX's unique selling point is its crafting system, which lets you create your own weapons from the ground up. Because players can now create their own weapons rather than just obtaining them from the overworld, the game is more immersive. So just gather materials, create strong equipment, and demonstrate your prowess by using your trusty bow and arrows to defeat foes precisely.

Remember to take into account the horses as well. You will be able to mount a magnificent horse and ride around CrisisX's varied landscapes at a fast pace while maintaining style. These will, with no doubt, enable you to navigate the map much more quickly and easily.

CrisisX - Your Last Survival can now be downloaded from the Google Play Store and is accessible for Android devices in Southeast Asia. Players will have to wait a bit longer to obtain the game because the makers have not yet announced an official date for the iOS or worldwide release, so keep an eye out for announcements.