Zombies and Controller support to arrive on Call Of Duty: Mobile

Who doesn't like some good old zombie action, especially in a Call of Duty game? Since the release of Call of Duty on mobile platform, players of the game are constantly asking the most important question, "Where are the zombies?".

In an update on the reddit page of Call Of Duty: Mobile, Activision talked about future updates and plans for the game. The opening statement was about the zombies. They announced that the zombies will be "at your fingertips before you know it", on the hit mobile game. Even though the release date is still unclear, Activision urges players to watch out for announcements in their social media accounts.

While delivering players the zombie mode is good and all, Activision also provided players events and updates that will be set throughout the month of November:

  • 11/4 – 11/10 - Weekly Battle Royale Challenge
  • 11/4 – 11/11 - Airborne Chip Event
  • 11/4 – 11/14 - Personal Milestones
  • 11/8 – 11/14 - FFA Mode & Challenge
  • 11/9 – 11/10 - 2X Weapon XP (BR only)
  • 11/11 – 11/18 - Call of Duty Endowment Pack

Controller support is also in development according to Activision, as they are finalizing how controllers will affect the gameplay especially in the matchmaking process of the game, as controllers give an advantage over other players who have to play without them.

Getting a vague announcement is better than nothing at all! So for players who are excited for the arrival of zombies in the battlefield on Call Of Duty: Mobile, keep tabs on our updates!