ZOZ: Final Hour Kicks off Open Beta Test in Brazil and Indonesia

NetEase Games is proud to announce that the Open Beta Test for ZOZ: Final Hour will begin on May 26 on Google Play in Brazil and Indonesia, with other regions to follow. The game started its Closed Beta Test in Brazil last October.


The transition from a man to a zombie is the game's unique feature. In ZOZ, players will assume the role of a mercenary and drop in the zombie-filled city San Yager, searching for a mysterious substance call Blood Crystal. Upon collecting enough of it, their mission becomes evacuation. But if a player was killed, the Merc will turn into a Zombie Merc and is allowed to continue the game with a different goal—turn the rest players into their own kind too.


To create a realistic post-apocalyptic atmosphere, the battlefield is designed in a vibrant cityscape with hospitals, shopping malls, and even an amusement park. When the match begins, players will be dropped into a battlefield composed of 7 randomly-generated plots. When the once-lively urban landscape becomes deserted and destroyed, only aggressive zombies are left——this sharp contrast creates a strong sense of immersion.


Braian, the developer of ZOZ: Final Hour, said in the developer's letter: "We wanted our players to be able to compete on an equal playing field. But we also realized that classical PvP games are absolute experiences. Players are overjoyed when they win, but frustrated when they lose. Then we started thinking, is there a way to reduce the failure penalty, so death wouldn't mean game over for players, but instead, a new beginning? The 'zombie mercenary' is our answer to this problem. Players who take on this role will have a new upgrade system with mutation skills, and a new mission - kill the humans. As a Zombie Mercenary you will be free from the restraints of death and can respawn an infinite number of times. "


To further differentiate itself from other games of the zombie genre, the game uses the brand-new mechanism to reduce the feeling of failure. The ZOZ development team is consist of shooting game aficionados. Some of them are devoted players of Resident Evil, Overwatch, Call of Duty, and the like. And to make a great product like these games, the team put a lot of effort and make tons of innovations in the development that lasted for 2 years, in all aspects of the game including graphics, items, weapons and maps.


The game uses a NetEase-developed game engine and achieves dynamic and realistic light and shadow effects in the game by simulating real city design and applying next-generation rendering technology, to enhance realness and immersiveness of the game.

ZOZ: Final Hour is now available on Google Play, don't hesitate, join the mission now!

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