ZSMJ forms new team for Majors with YaphetS called Team FanTuan

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    ZSMJ forms a new team for Majors with YaphetS called Team FanTuan
    By: Denise Gonzales Sept 5

    A new team called Team FanTuan, featuring the well-known Chinese carry, Gong "ZSMJ" Jian, has registered on the official Dota 2 Majors registration website.


    SMJ's absence from HyperGloryTeam came as a surprise, since he was one of the founders and a long-standing captain of the team. The roster change was first reported with the revelation of tge new HTG roster (thescoreesports com/news/3800).

    Joining ZSMJ on Team FanTuan is another Warcraft 3 Dota legend, Bu "Pis" Yanjun, also known as YaphetS. He earned the nickname P-God from the Chinese community, and his Shadow Fiend was so good that the "fun name" for the hero inside Dota 1 was YaphetS. However, the player has found limited success after his transition to Dota 2.

    Also in Team FanTuan are Yang "InJuly" Xiaodong, the ex-offlaner for the Wings Gaming, and Waiter and 小刘, who are relative newcomers. 小刘 was teammates with TongFu's Zeng "ZExBinGo" Cong previously, playing on a team called Butter Fly.
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    WTF chinese doto
  3. Dell

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    Ahaha chinese will conquer the dota ahaha
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