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Mar 21, 2017 at 6:41 AM
Posted by kapreGAMING
First episode ng biosock mga parekooy :D etoo naa :D

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Hey Guyz are you looking for latest minecraft servers???Well its 2017 and its about time...Avalon Reamls a Minecraft server registered this April 28 2017 and they need more players and hiring some good staff

I found a cool Pinoy server newly Register 2017 and it needs more players now...
ITS Avalon Realms
Server IP:


It has Ingame ranks to buy
cheap Donator ranks as low as 150php(3usd)
/mypet plugins
silktouch and rank to mine spawners
custom enchant ruins
friendly active staff and still hiring

hope to see you there

IGN: getrex (donator)