[Mass Effect Andromeda] | The Radiance DoT Tank Build | Blind Playthrough and Let's Play |


Apr 7, 2017 at 8:03 PM
Posted by Pochusaurus
New Biotic & Tech Build in progress as we go through this play through. It was actually inspired by the "Do-Nothing-Bitch" concept. Where you literally didn't have to do anything but just get close enough and stand around the enemies to kill them. Obviously you can't just stand around on insanity mode but for normal and hardcore its kind of viable but you won't really be simply standing around. You still have to cast invasion and charge in to get into proximity.

Been playing around with it and testing it in Insanity on my other save file as Scott. This is one is more tank-ish allowing for unlimited shields which you'll need if you play the game on Insanity and making use of Annihilation from the biotic skill tree to keep enemies primed for those powerful combos. Been swapping out Invasion and Energy Drain, still unsure which one I want to use for Insanity but I'm leaning towards Energy Drain for the additional shield gain but the idea of being a close quarters DoT tank has its allure.

Looks like we'll be playing Mass Effect Andromeda for a while! Tons of builds to look into! Hit me a comment or message if you have any strange ideas for combinations of builds and we can make a playthrough of it!

Leave me your feedback on my video in the comments section! I will greatly appreciate it!

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