Overwatch Memes - Honoring Roadhogs Everywhere


Jan 3, 2017 at 11:26 PM
Posted by Altimitt
PSSST. Have an interesting or funny Overwatch gameplay? Send it to me, I'll edit it and feature it here!

Roadhog is always seen as that tank that can dish out lots of damage. But today my friends, I wanna show you a different side of Roadhog. Just when all hope is lost, when your team is about to be wiped by an enemy ult, Roadhog is there to save the day...so in honor of Roadhogs everywhere, I present you this video.

Thanks to Papa Franku for providing the internet with the Filthy Frank Green Screen
Site: http://www.filthyfrank.net/

The following GIF used:
The Rock Clapping GIF
Some random crowd standing ovation GIF
Independence Day Soldier Salute GIF
Tom Hiddleston Caps off GIF

Song used:
Epic Music Soundtrack | Cinematic Motivational Orchestra | Numinex by Lucas King
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