PLDT Takes Lead ayon sa Inquirer + RoS Epic Clash Mode + Seven Deadly Sins at Perfect World Mobile

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Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer! Lets talk about Inquirers Article that PLDT takes lead in network speed in the country, Rules of Survival RoS Epic Clash Mode copies Fornite, Apex Legends and more, Beklang Unicorn, PandaTV Shutdown, Perfect World Mobile, and The Seven Deadly Sins: Hikari To Yami No Grand Cross coming to Mobile

PLDT and Inquirer
- Inquirer and PLDT did an oopsie!
- why? because in an Inquirer article they mentioned that PLDT takes lead in network speed in the country
- hashtag fake news, hash tag magkano binayad sa inquirer, hash tag L O L
- well apparently they did a crowdsourced survey which showed the fixed line with download and upload speeds of 52.28 mbps and 55.95 mbps
- which they then compared to their rival “Globe”
- which got results of 25.82 mbps and 9.99 mpbs for download and upload
- then finally they did a lag or latency test to check the ping
- based from their results PLDT got 35ms compared to globes 54ms
- so our main question is where did they do this survey? did they do this in their office? or beside the data center to get better results?
- what about the other competition like converge? heck even skycable?
- also how did you even use ookla? did you bother changing the data centers or just tested it right of the bat?
- as quite frankly this is too good to be true
- and as a pldt user this is not true
- because basically you are comparing two turtles in a race which means whoever wins they are still slow
- ok next, now lets check what pldt has to say for this
- according to their statement “PLDT said the results were proof that investments made on its network were paying off”
- yes tama sila literal na paying off kasi kami nag babayad
- they also said
- “Ookla compared user-initiated tests that are taken on various Speedtest applications connected to a fixed network, including tests taken on mobile phones over a Wi-Fi connection“
- not only that we dont have alternatives or other options it seems this is the type of news we get
- but whats your opinion? is thsi true ? id pldt faster? let us know in the comments!

RoS Epic Clash Mode
- If you can't beat them copy them, like seriously copy all of them!
- why are we saying this?
- because recently Rules of Survival released its new Epic Clash Mode
- and its basically a mashup of apex legends, overwatch, fortnite and more
- their tagline event says “try nerf this” which is similar to the line of dva in overwatch
- because in the epic clash mode players can build in their new construction mode
- sounds familiar? yep build like fortnite!
- because in this new mode players can get a new Super Item Card which gives special abilities
- and some of this abilities are stealth mode and infrared scan which if you guess correctly is like wraith and bloodhunter in apex legends
- infact di lang kame nakapansin eto ang mga comments ng players sa fb post nila
- “Ano ginagawa niyo Netease? Halos lahat katulad ng PUBG, FORTNITE, APEX LEGENDS kinopya niyo na, mas maganda pa yung unang ros kesa ngayon. Yung Super Body, Scan, at High Jump eh sa larong Crysis yun eh
- “That apex legend fortnite ripoff, you guys are getting fewer original content. LoL”
- so basically negative ang feedback
- as majority of players want the game to get fixed against cheaters
- instead is we get this kind of updates that blatantly copy from other games
- however if you are still interested the game also introduces new weapons like the IMBA Rocket Tube and IMBA Revolver G-Launcher
- they also added a new land vehicle called titan and air vehicle titan warplane
- so far there are 5 new special abilities like zombie status, stealth, infrared scan, superbody and summon nightfall or fog
- In addition, you can now get revived up to 3 times in every round!
- So every revives allows you to rejoin the game with basic items and equipment
- oh diba parang apex legends lang!
- gaya ng sabe ng Rules of Survival “Try Nerf This” o diba mali pa yung grammar

Beklang Unicorn
- isa sa mga filipinong streamer na si yani avelino o mas kilala nyo sa pangalang beklang unicorn ay recently na diagnose ng pulmonary tubercolsis
- dahil dito siya ay nagkaroon pa ng iba pang complication
- pero sadly sa recent update sya po ay pumanaw na
- kami po ay nakikiramay sa pamilya ni beklang unicorn

Perfect World Mobile
- If you remember Tencent Initially announced the release of Perfect World for Mobile which is based on the PC MMO
- But now the game is actually available for download

Seven Deadly Sins
- good news because the new mobile game The Seven Deadly Sins: Hikari To Yami No Grand Cross is coming this spring 2019

Sonic Movie
- a few days ago the Sonic design for the upcoming movie was leaked

PandaTV Shutdown
- another streaming platform called PandaTV is now shutting down on March 18 and will reportedly file for bankruptcy

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PLDT Takes Lead ayon sa Inquirer + RoS Epic Clash Mode + Seven Deadly Sins at Perfect World Mobile
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