Rules of Hackers + Mobile Legends Skin Mods + 600k CSGO VaC Bans + Facebook Gaming Bugs

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Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer! Lets talk about Rules of Hackers, Mobile Legends Skin Mods, Monster Hunter and Assassins Creed collaboration, Facebook Gaming Bugs and Problems, More than 600,000 CSGO VaC Bans, PUBG Competitive Ruling, Overwatch Punishing 18,000 players.

Mobile Legends Skin Modifier
- Recently more and more Mobile Legends players are using 3rd party softwares, plugin or mods to unlock skins on their game
- This players are using modified files to get skins even if they haven't paid for them
- However recently Mobile Legends made an announcement regarding this issue
- here they say that they noticed majority of players are using skin modifiers that deeply infringed the game environment
- and because of this the Mobile Legends Security mentioned that they will not tolerate this
- they are also working a fix for the problem
- Mobile Legends also mentioned that anyone who discusses and spreads such means of cheating Moontoon reserves the right to take legal measures towards them
- So what happened to users who used the skin modifiers?
- Base from the reports some users are getting a 3 day ban while some got permanent ban for using skin mods
- Skin Mods are also considered as cheating tools by the developer because it tampers the game data which influence the games balance
- They also added that this tools have malicious code that could access your photos, messages, contacts and worst even passwords
- which could lead to privacy leaks and other threats to the user
- Then finally they said that even if you don't use the tool as long as its installed it is still illegal because it may have already tampered with the data regardless

Rules Of Hackers
- In a recent video by the development team of rules of survival
- they mentioned that they are fine being called by the nickname Rules of Hackers
- however they are not ok with hacking
- in this video they claimed that rules of survival is one of the most popular battle royale game in the world and that game hackers are unavoidable which is the problem with other FPS games
- According to them them they find different hacks every week ranging from aimbots, invisibility, perspective cheats and teleportation
- so in one week they are dealing with 20~30 kinds of hacks
- then whenever they find this hacks they said they deal with it within 3 minutes
- They also talk about IP Banning which was deemed impractical because users can always change their IP
- then If you get reported,
- the account in question will be monitored and will be on a closer screening if indeed the player is hacking
- if this is validated they said they will permanently ban the user
- The devs also talked about how they are completely banning devices for serious offenders where in they guaranteed they cannot create a new a account to keep on cheating
- citing they cant even change IP
- They also mention their new anti cheating system which is the AI imaging technology which is capable of automatically discerning cheaters and that they are constantly speeding up the system
- In regards to the rumor that the RoS team themselves are selling the cheats they said they have never worked with the hackers so the rumor is false
- and in contrary they have a legal team sending weekly takedown letters

- VAC banned more than 600,000 accounts in December alone

PUBG Competitive Ruling
- The players who got this ban are Cuhris, Liammm, DevowR, and Tefl0n
- Initially the four players were given “permanent in-game bans” on Dec. 19, and accused of using third-party software

Facebook Gaming
- First issue is that some users have been flagged by facebook for an unclear violation which prohibits them to stream
- Even if you appeal to the facebook support it seems it's getting denied
- then second, When we login to our facebook streaming dashboard it seems all our stars donated from us are gone
- initially we thought this was an isolated case then several streamers that we know also had this problem
- to those who don't know stars are donated by the viewers from the streamer

Monster Hunter and Assassins Creed
- Capcom has announced a new Monster Hunter collaboration with Assassin's Creed
- The collaboration will bring the Bayek Layered Armor as well as the Assassins Hood

- Recently Blizzard punished 18,000 Overwatch accounts in South Korea for toxicity
- Player who have been throwing games, going AFK, bad language, or harassing players while have differing punishments

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Rules of Hackers + Mobile Legends Skin Mods + 600k CSGO VaC Bans + Facebook Gaming Bugs
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