WESG 2018 SEA Philippines Gold Medals + PUBG Radar Hack Bans + Waaaaah! + MU Origin 2

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Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer! Lets talk about PUBG Radar Hack Ban Wave with 30000 users banned, WESG 2018 SEA Where in Philippines brought home 3 gold medals, The Division 2 positive alpha test, Waaaaah! Shout Your Lungs Out! Anthem Season Pass, One Piece World Seeker and MU Origin 2.

- In the recent World Electronic Sports Games 2018
- Filipino players took home one bronze, two silver and three gold models in an Olympic style tournament
- basically 24 Pinoy esports athletes participated and flew to the WESG event in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia where 4665 other players from south east asia also participated
- The event featured five major esports titles like Dota 2, CSGO, Starcraft 2, Hearthstone and Vainglory with a prize pool of 150,000 usd
- First off the Philippines TnC Predator came out the top after defeating the Malaysian Team Warriors Gaming Unity this was even without Kuku in the roster
- So they are bringing home the gold as well as 7,500 usd of prize
- Then in Starcraft 2 EnDerr also secured the championship and gold then finally ArkAngels CSGO Female took home the gold for CSGO
- Then for the silver TnC Predator for CSGO and Staz for Hearthstone Men
- then finally Caracute for Hearthstone Women in bronze
- This qualifies five esports team to main event in Chongqing China next year

PUBG Ban Wave
- Recently according to the reports the devs banned over 30,000 accounts
- however players included to the ban are pro players
- So pro players like TEXQS, Papaya, Cageman, PlayerJones, Hoffmann88, Sezk0, Houlow, Kragen had their accounts banned
- well apparently this is due to the new anti cheating measures of the battleye software that now detects and ban players using “Radar Hacks”
- to those who don't know this is a type of hack that allows the cheater to see the position of all other players in the map
- basically like wallhack or the green characters in Rules of survival
- this type of hack is one of the most complained by the players of PUBG
- and according to PUBG corp this is one of the hacks that is difficult to crack down
- because they send data from the server to an external device via vpn
- so cheaters can monitor other PUBG players via second monitor or even a smartphone
- this isn't the first time PUBG corp did a massive ban wave as they did this last january with over 1m players getting banned
- they also worked with the the chinese government to arrest hackers in China
- currently the anti cheat does not affect PUBG mobile so will probably have a new ban wave this time for mobile users

The Division 2
- A few days ago ubisoft and massive held an technical alpha test on PC for their upcoming game The Division 2
- game details and so far fans reactions are largely positive
- according to a reddit post even if the game have some bugs on its alpha current state they feel it a major step up from the first game
- the post also added that the bullet sponge issue on the first division has also been improved

Waaaaah! Shout Your Lungs Out!
- Ranida Games released its new mobile game on playstore called Waaaaah! Shout Your Lungs Out!
- Well basically like the title suggest you will need to grab your phone and start shouting on it
- So in the game you can charge to transform, ki blast or shatter glasses
- Waaaaah! Shout Your Lungs Out! also features Gloco a prominent figure in the gaming community
- So if you are interested and would like to support filipino game developers the game is available in the playstore for FREE
- Ranida Games is a Filipino Indie game developer based in Laguna
- they are also the developers who made PBA Philippine Slam and currently developing their upcoming fighting game called Bayani
- which is based on Philippines historical figures

Anthem Season Pass
- According to the tweeter reply of “Michael Gamble” a lead producer on Bioware
- Anthem will have no season pass, basically saying buy the game and dont worry after that
- as for the DLC? it will all be completely free! so no paid dlcs!

MU Origin 2
- Webzen is getting ready for the release for their MU Origin sequel, as MU Origin to pre registration appeared on the playstore
- then those who participated on the event will also receive gift packs worth 50 usd at launch

One Piece World Seeker
- The new trailer shows a new villain who seems be a marine with robotic elements similar to Franky
- The trailer also showed the strawhat crew along with notable characters like smoker, akainu and more as well as new character with lime green hair

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WESG 2018 SEA Philippines Gold Medals + PUBG Radar Hack Bans + Waaaaah! + MU Origin 2
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