What's Wrong with Filipino Games? | What's Up, Nez


Feb 9, 2017 at 1:41 PM
Posted by Nezeru
I've noticed a lack of critical discussion about locally made games on any channel my country so this week, we take a look at the state of Filipino-made games. Since these types of topics about culture in the home country may be unrelatable to a wider audience, I plan to tackle these topics sparingly from now on. I hope everyone enjoys the improved audio and format of the series!

This video was inspired by this article: https://modelviewculture.com/pieces...ame-success-story-needs-to-stop-and-heres-why

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►Outro animation by Xelalanana:

►Games featured (in order of appearance): Civilization VI, ICEY, Overwatch, Dead Rising 3, Dungeon Souls, Secrets of Deep Earth Shrine, Political Animals, Blade of the Maiden, Brave Frontier, Legends of Callasia, Juice Cubes, Madhog Mayhem, Alien Agents, Catch the Guava, The Pretentious Game, Run Run Super V, Tamagogo, Wild Season, Lithium City, Pictoword, Philippine Slam!, Puzzle Trooper, Heroes Above, Biker Blaze, Tempo Run, Angry Birds 2, Q*bert, 911 Run, Terraria, FEZ, UNDERTALE, Supermeatboy, Darkest Dungeon, Dream Defense, Zodiac Pop, Diablo 3, Mighty No.9, Pit People, Enter the Gungeon, Kill the Plumber, Nefarious, Nightfall: Escape, Nightfall: Eclipse, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Stardew Valley
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(Disclaimer: This video is NOT representative of the entire industry. This video was produced with the intention of satire first and foremost.)