Command & Conquer Remastered Collection: Ships in June 5 with physical copies available!

Have you missed the classic clashes of the GDI and the NOD back in the 1995 where video games are just starting to rise in the PC market. Command & Conquer paved the way for the future of the RTS genre together with Blizzard's games then such as Starcraft and Warcraft. With the advent of advanced graphics and renewed nostalgia with the old games, EA decided to release one of their classics back to life, remastered and reinvigorated with more things to offer than before.

Earlier this day, EA has released their trailer regarding the remastered version of Command & Conquer. This, however is not your standard remaster as this is a collection consisting of the original and first Tiberian game and the beloved first Red Alert, together with its expansions (C&C with The Covert Operations and RA with Counterstrike and Aftermath), people who have played these games before would love to try it out once more with improvements made in the game.

The Remastered Collection will have 4K graphics and the textures of the units, buildings and terrain have been polished to live up with today's expectation. Even the cinematic has been improved to immerse yourself while talking to the military leaders of the Global Defense Initiative or the enigmatic Kane of the Brotherhood of Nod (honestly, I took a read of Kane's character again for good ol' times while writing this). In addition to graphical improvements, there would be more than 100 missions plus the Spec Ops missions that were originally only available in Console, so for those who haven't played those missions, it would be a new treat for them. Finally, the music would be led by the legendary Frank Klepacki and the Tiberian Sons so those who have always loved the original soundtrack, it is about to get better. With tons of new maps and a multiplayer based on ELO, whether it's a custom map or ladder, there's bound to be replayability to be expected from this game.

The trailer also proudly announced that they have been working this remaster with the community, creating "community councils" that would coordinate with the development team consisting of Petroglyph and Lemon Sky Studios, together with some of the original developers in Westwood Studios. With that promise and the lead of the hardcore fans, we have high hopes that this remaster lives up to what it wants to forge its way to the hearts of many.

With the digital version coming in Origin and Steam and the promise of physical copies coming alongside as well, EA seems to know how much nostalgia brings in to the table. This looks promising and let us see if they can deliver a successful remaster this time around. Are you excited for this one? Tell us in the comments below!


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Apr 8, 2020
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I played Command & Conquer Condition Zero before. It was a nice game yet have a very big size to install it. Although it can be played in PC but, you have to have a good and condition PC specs to play this game smoothly and be able to satisfy :)