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    Hmmm, thats a good question! Grab the most detailed GUIDEBOOK for Top Clans Season 3 Registration


    Step 1: Team up in the lobby, make sure its Squad rank mode
    • All clan members should have the the same national flag
    • Must achieve Silver Tier and above to be qualified

    Step 2: Clan leader is the person who sends the invite to other players. Only Clan leaders can register for their clan.

    Step 3: Clan leaders should go to the Contest Menu (Located in the Bottom Left Corner of the Lobby) to start the registration.


    Step 4: Clan leaders mush ensure the information they provided is correct


    Step 5: Confirmation will be sent to all squad members via in-game mail once the registration is done

    Step 6: Work hard with you clanmates, and prepare for the Qualifer stage!


    I'm the clan leader but the system said i'm not
    A: Well the clan leader here refers to the one who sent the original invite to form the 4 person squad.

    The system said one of our clanmates nationality doesn't match, but we're from the same country!
    A: Please make sure you national flag represents your real nationality.

    The system said one of my clanmates doesn't meet the tier requirement.
    A: Please work hard to achieve Silver above within the registration period, thats the minimum requirement.
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    TopClans S3 Invitation - Last Boarding Call Win VIP CAR Skin & Get invited!Vote For Your Clan Right Now !


    [How To Join]
    1. Clan leader should comment your Clan Info
    2. Ask clanmates to React to the Comment
    3. Clan who has the Top Reacted Comments will earn the last VIP Invite to Top Clans

    1. VIP Invite: For Clans have the Top reacted comments
    ***Exclude to clans that already are invited
    2. VIP Car Skin, 3200 Diamonds, Permanent Custom Room and Official Exposure for Top Reacted Comments
    3. 30,000 Stars total for 10 Lucky winners

    [VIP Invites]
    NRX Cruel E sports
    Vicious Esports
    Wheat Town Gang

    Now! - 7/8 12AM (UTC+8)

    Note: Rules of Survival - Channel reserves final right to choose the VIP Invite

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