League of Legends MMORPG director departs from Riot Games for personal reasons

Guild of Guardians
After it was revealed that Riot Games will be making a League of Legends MMORPG, fans have been excited since especially that the game is said to be set in the expansive Runeterra universe.

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Aside from that, one of the reasons why MMO fans are excited was because of the game director, Greg Street. He is well-known in the gaming community for working on Arcane, Realms of Runeterra, and K/DA. He was also the system designer for World of Warcraft for several years.

However, Street recently announced that he will be leaving Riot Games this month due to personal reasons. He announced his departure through his Twitter account.

It’s understandable that he decided to do that as he and his family have experienced devastating personal losses. But before he exits, he assures the fans that he has brought together and carefully built an incredible team for the development of League MMO.

Riot co-founder Marc Merrill has also released a statement in regards to Street stepping away from the company as well as the future of the upcoming League MMO.

As of the moment, the future of the League MMO is unclear. But as the team that will work on the League MMO was mentored by Street, it’s safe to say that the game is in good hands. Also, this is not the end for Greg Street as he plans to stay in game development. Let’s all wait for the day that he comes back.