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May 11, 2015
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i decided to create the post to answer some of the FAQ since the x-men was released.

let's start with the most common question: "SULIT BA?"
- rise of the x-men: deluxe package
- advance to tier-2: magneto, cyclops, storm, rogue, beast

before i answer those 2 questions, let's take a look at the bigger picture: IS JEAN GREY WORTH IT?

short answer: YES! she is the best overall hero in the game!

long answer: while jean grey isn't necessarily required for world boss and shadowland (there are other heroes that can complete these modes that doesn't require the same amount of resources) and isn't the best in ABX (sharon rogers w/ starlight uniform is still the queen of no restriction day), she is, by far, the best pvp hero in the game. thus, if you wish to consistently rank high in timeline battle and battleworld or remain competitive in alliance conquest and alliance tournament, then you definitely need to build her as quickly as possible. on top of that, she is currently the only hero that can auto-play chapter 12, if properly built.

with that said, if you personally think that jean grey is worth it, then spending 6,600 crystals on the deluxe package and advancing magneto, cyclops, storm, and rogue to tier-2 are definitely worth it.

now, let's go back to the original question without considering jean grey.

let's start with the deluxe package.

6,600 crystals to unlock Magneto isn't worth it. while Magneto is currently among the top 5 blast native tier-1, he isn't considered meta. you're better off spending those 6,660 crystals to purchase uniforms or mega rank up tickets.

how about advancing the x-men to tier-2?

magneto - yes, he's worth advancing. he's in the top 5 blast native tier-1 heroes. he, however, cannot breach 100k in ABX. at tier-1 though, he can defeat Thanos infinity.

cyclops - no, there are other blast heroes that are better than him.

storm - no, there are other blast heroes that are better than her.

rogue - yes, she's worth advancing. she's in the top 5 speed native tier-1 heroes. she can breach 100k in ABX if properly built.

100k speed hero ABX comparison:
- highest possible score: kaiju > kate = rogue > gwenpool >= elsa
- easiest to hardest: kaiju > gwenpool = rogue > kate >> elsa
- least to most expensive build: kate > kaiju > rogue = gwenpool > elsa

beast - yes, but only if you already have Wolverine and would like to achieve the highest possible score in combat hero ABX. he's one of the best support in the game -- he's similar to warwolf where he's t2 passive and 5th skill can buff your team. he's also a better support for wolverine in combat hero ABX compared warwolf.

is it worth to invest on wolverine after completing the epic quest?

DEFINITELY! he's now the king of combat hero ABX. no need to waste all your resources to max out iron fist's netflix uniform or spend cash to acquire agent venom.

can i use rank up, mastery, and tier-2 tickets on the x-men?

YES, you can use them on magneto, cyclops, storm, rogue, and beast.

what and how many are the requirements to build jean grey?

level: biometrics or x-gene; i have no information yet on the total amount required to reach level 60. i assume that it's 6004, similar to thanos / odin / dormammu.

- 2 - 300 phoenix feathers (PF) + 1.5m gold
- 3 - 500 PF + 3m gold
- 4 - 800 PF + 6m gold
- 5 - 1.2k PF + 9m gold
- 6 - 1.6k PF + 10.5m gold

- 1 - 100 m'kraan crystals (MC) + 500k gold
- 2 - 150 MC + 1m gold
- 3 - 200 MC + 1.5m gold
- 4 - 250 MC + 2m gold
- 5 - 300 MC + 2.5m gold
- 6 - 350 MC + 3m gold

total required to rank 6* and mastery 6*
- gold: 44m
- phoenix feathers: 4,400
- m'kraan crystals: 1,350

gears 5-15: same as black order / thanos / strange / odin / dormammu
gears 15-20: phoenix feathers; i have no information yet on the approx. amount required to fully max all gears.

note: wolverine's gear requirements are the same as jean grey.

where can i farm phoenix feathers, m'kraan crystals, and m'kraan shards?

you can farm phoenix feathers and m'kraan crystals from the following:

- veiled secret
-- magneto's might (available after completing quest 50: cannon target)
-- rise of the phoenix (available after completing quest 52: weakened)

- mutual enemy (available upon purchasing deluxe package)

- converter: conversion rate is 4:1 (not worth it)
-- black anti-matter for phoenix feathers
-- norn stone of chaos for m'kraan crystals

you can farm m'kraan shards from the following:

- TRACKING. just like story mission, you can continue to farm m'kraan shards, earn gold, and level up your hero / uniform after acquiring all the x-genes for the day.

- daily mission

note: you CANNOT fuse or convert m'kraan shards to m'kraan crystals.

how long would it take to earn enough crystals to purchase the deluxe package?

F2P: 15 weeks (assuming you have no crystals)
- 25 a day from daily rewards for 100 days = 2,500
- vibranium TB top 10% (200 a week) for 15 weeks = 3,000
- monthly login rewards (300 a month) for 15 weeks = 1,100

stark's stash: 46 days (assuming you have no crystals)
- stark's stash = 200 x 2 = 400
- 75 a day from stash for 46 days = 3,450
- 25 a day from daily rewards for 46 days = 1,150
- vibranium TB top 10% (200 a week) for 6 weeks = 1,200
- monthly login rewards (300 a month) for 6 weeks = 400

- every time you level up an x-men to 50, you earn 20 crystals; every time you level up an x-men to 60, you earn 40 crystals.
- leveling up all x-men (wolverine, cyclops, storm, rogue, and beast) to 60 would earn you a total of 300 crystals. this will save you approx. 2 (stark's) to 3 (F2P) days.

can i purchase the deluxe package at a later time? would i still be able to collect the rewards at a later time if i have already completed a quest or the entire epic quest?

YES. you will still be able to collect all the deluxe package rewards. you simply need to go back to all your completed quests and collect them -- they don't automatically go to your inbox.

how many x-genes are required to fully max the gears of the x-men?

similar to the amount of bios for normal native tier-1, you need approx. 400 x-genes to fully max all the gears of magneto, cyclops, storm, rogue, and beast.