Perfect World Homestead Guide


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Jul 7, 2019
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Complete Homestead Quests to gain your own Homestead. Managing a Homestead can be broken down into 4 sections: Production, Construction, Feng Shui, and Social.

Complete Homestead Quests to earn Cloud Knots. Follow quest instructions and spend Cloud Knots to unlock the Production area and gain Lv.1 production items.

1. Operation

Before starting your production, you must buy seeds, baby livestock, and shovels. As your Homestead levels up, you can produce higher-level resources.

Various incidents may occur during production. For instance, "heat" and "shaking" occurrences need to be solved by you or your guests when you're mining. Your production will increase once these incidents have been solved.
Don't forget to harvest your resources once they mature; otherwise, they may be stolen by other players. You, too, can steal other players' uncollected resources.

2. Production Speed Up

Different resources take varying periods to bear fruit. Lv.1 Frostfall Seedlings, for example, take 4 hours. You can use Speed Up Items to shorten the time.

Tap the circled area in the picture to use Speed Up Items.

3. Harvest

Collect your resources once they mature. The three resources you'll get are Ores, Pillets, and Wood Spirits. Additionally, you'll get Industrious Packs, which grant you a chance of getting Furniture Blueprints. Furniture Blueprints are necessary items for crafting rare types of furniture.

Ores, Pillets, and Wood Spirits can be used to craft furniture. They're also the necessary materials for upgrading Homestead Buildings.

Homestead Construction

1. Furniture Crafting
You can craft various types of furniture in the Workshop. Crafting furniture costs Ores, Pillets, and Wood Spirits. Crafting some rare furniture requires Furniture Blueprints, which can be obtained from Industrious Packs, Tribe Market, etc.

2. Homestead Decoration
Crafted furniture can be placed in your Homestead as decorations.
As your Homestead levels up, more furniture will be unlocked.

3. Prosperity & Feng Shui & Aura
You'll gain Homestead Prosperity and Feng Shui by crafting furniture.

(1) Prosperity

Furniture of different types and levels provides different amounts of Prosperity. Unlocking Homestead Areas also increases Prosperity. The required amount of Prosperity must be reached if you want to level up your Homestead.

(2) Feng Shui
Furniture of different types and levels provides different amounts of Feng Shui. In the Feng Shui system, higher Feng Shui provides better stat bonuses.

(3) Aura

The higher the Feng Shui of your Homestead, the more quickly your Aura recovers. Spend Aura to engage Feng Shui mode and increase your BR

Feng Shui
Geomancy and Prayer modes in Feng Shui can increase your stats and BR. Fortune-telling, on the other hand, has a chance to grant signs that increase your dungeon loot drop rate and refine success rate.

1. Geomancy
In Geomancy mode, you can spend Aura to get fortune equipment, which permanently increases your character stats (ATK, HP, Viciousness, etc.) and homestead stats (production rate, maturity duration, etc.) Performing geomancy research will increase your Fortune EXP and Level. The higher your Fortune Level, the higher your chance of obtaining advanced fortune equipment.

Fortune equipment can be leveled up by sacrificing other pieces of fortune equipment sharing the same parts.
2. Prayer

In Prayer mode, you can spend Aura to pray up to 10 times per day. Gain Prayer Stats from each prayer. Prayer Stats increase your BR and last 24 hours.

You can also grant prayer permission to other players, so they can pray in your Homestead and get Prayer Stats according to your Homestead's Feng Shui.

3. Fortune-telling

Each day, you can get a sign from Fortune-Telling mode. The higher your Homestead's Feng Shui, the higher your chance to get good signs. A good sign will increase your refining success rate and your chances of getting legendary equipment.


1. Tribe
The Tribe function is also part of the Homestead feature. You'll have more interactions with other players in your tribe.

(1) Select a location for your Homestead in a tribe
Tap "Tribe" in the top-right corner on the Homestead interface to access the Tribe function. If you don't have a tribe yet, you must join one first.

Once you've selected a tribe and the location for your homestead, you can spend Gold Coins to move your homestead into the tribe. Some homestead functions, such as the assist, stealing harvest, and other additional actions that can only be unlocked after you move your homestead into a tribe.

(2) Change your tribe
After moving to a new tribe, you must wait 7 days before you can change your tribe again.

(3) Tribe Market
At 22:00 every day, rare items are available in the Tribe Market. Spend your Tribe Contribution to purchase Speed Up Items, Furniture Blueprints, and other rare items.
Donate furniture to earn Tribe Contribution. You'll earn more contribution by donating higher-level furniture.

(4) Tribe Prosperity
The higher the Tribe Prosperity, the better the items you'll find in the Tribe Market. Donate furniture to earn Tribe Prosperity. You'll earn more Prosperity by donating higher-level furniture.

(5) Tribe Leader
At 4:00 every Monday, the Tribe Contributions from all tribe members will be tallied. The member who has contributed the most to the tribe will become the Tribe Leader. The Tribe Leader can rename the tribe and enjoy a 10% discount when purchasing items in the Tribe Market.

2. Guests/Host
You can invite other players to help you manage your homestead. The number of guests you can invite is determined by the level of your room. The higher your room level, the more guests you can invite.
To invite a player to be your guest, your Relationship Points need to reach 500, and you need to complete a procedure with Sheyla, the Homestead Butler.

Once you've invited one or more guests, you'll become the room host. Your guests can help you with production, decoration, etc.

3. Homestead Permission
You can grant different permissions to other players. If the other player is your guest, spouse, or circle member, you can grant all permissions to them. You can't grant the "Donate Furniture" permission to your master/apprentice. You can only grant the "Assist" and "Prayer" permissions to your friends and the "Assist" permission to strangers.