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Apr 20, 2015
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While the Inferno Tower used to be a somehow exclusive Defense only for the higher Leagues it has come to everyone. Today if you’re Town Hall 8 you’ll be confronted with Inferno Tower quite a lot so I wanted to make this post to help all of youdefeat Inferno Tower. But what makes the Inferno Tower so brutal?

  1. It eats all healing effects away
  2. On Single Mode it will just release brutal damage
  3. On Multi Mode it will eat away attacking compositions with many Troops
  4. It simply can’t get skipped because I feel like literally everyone has one of them by now
How can you defeat Inferno Tower?
I feel like I say this in almost all of my posts but again – there is not one answer. I gathered together all my knowledge and will show you now how I deal with these burning basterds.

This Inferno Tower isn’t lighting my fire
First of all Inferno Tower is not always that big of a danger like you might think. When you attack with Hog Rider and see one Single Target Inferno Tower you don’t have to be that scared. When you attack with Golems the Multi Target Inferno Tower aren’t that big of a deal neither. Just make yourself someserious thought about what Mode of Inferno Tower is going to hurt you most– and mayberead this post which Mode is the best for Inferno Towers.

You got fire – I got magic!
I heard some people recommending Lightning Spells to just burn Inferno Towers to the ground – bad idea! You will need 4 Lighning Spells max Level to do that. Honestly that’s a horrible idea because with 4 Spells you can just change the tides of an attack instead of taking out one single Defense. I already wrote a little about Inferno Tower inmy post about the Freeze Spelland in facts that’s the only Spell you can take Inferno Tower down pretty accurate.

Sometimes you even are so lucky they are so close to each other you can freeze both of them at once. You might think the Freeze Spell only last a few seconds but if you start using it you will start loving it!

You don’t have the Freeze Spell yet? Well then you to use a Jump Spell to get your Troops into the core with the Inferno Towers asap.

Since what day is fire intelligent? Nevermind, never play with fire
Inferno Tower always target the first entered Troops in their radius. There are lots of tactics out there involving a timed Lava Hound or some Giants next to Golems but they only work when the timing is perfect – otherwise only a waste of housing space.

I know you maybe expected some serious secret hint but in the end there are only these 2 ways to deal with the Inferno Towers:

  • Make sure to know when the Inferno Tower is dangerous for your attack!
  • Freeze it and/or get your Troops to the core asap!
Sad but true but I can’t give you other ways when there are none but maybe some of you save from having bad time with those experimental troops compositions around out there.