Disgaea RPG - Global English Version & Countries For Closed Beta Testing Announced iOS Android 

ForwardWorks, the developer behind this mobile spin-off title of the Disgaea series, proudly announced that Disgaea RPG will get an English version and a global launch. Although the game had a rough start when it was released exclusively in Japan back in March 2019 which resulted in sudden maintenance shut down, the game relaunched successfully in November 2019 with more than a million downloads before the year ended. Due to its massive success, ForwardWorks made a deal with Boltrend Games for global distribution. A Closed Beta Testing is already set for selected countries this coming year, 2021.​


According to the announcement, we can expect the Global English launch around Spring 2021. It's somewhere in the middle of the year. But, before that, a few selected countries will have the privilege to check it out earlier in the Closed Beta Testing this coming month of January 2021. These countries are Canada, Brazil, Australia, and the Philippines. To be exact, they're planning to conduct it from January 4th to 14th.


Disgaea was originally known as an SRPG. Disgaea RPG may be a mobile spin-off, but it's not an entirely new game. It's a turn-based RPG that features all the characters from the Disgaea series. There are exclusive contents and a new storyline that you may enjoy tho. They already answered some basic questions on their English Facebook page. But, let me tell you the details now to spare you the pain of loading the page.

As for the issue of languages, they're still trying to confirm whether they'll release other language translations too aside from the English version. As for the content, everything will be synchronized with the Japanese version to make things smoother and not too complicated. This includes event banners and schedules. But, who knows? Maybe in the future, they'll release some exclusive content to other countries.

If I'm not mistaken, you'll strive to achieve that LVL 9999 and that ridiculous amount of damage. You're also going to collect characters to build your own team. Smell like GACHA, right? Overall, I'm excited to try it out since I'm a fan of the Japanese GACHA/RPG genre. Let's just hope that nothing goes wrong during the Closed Beta Testing. Luckily, we'll be able to try it out here in the Philippines. REJOICE!


Boltrend Games are already preparing for the CBT this coming January 2021. They've already released an English trailer to promote the game not just for the CBT, but for the global launch too! I can already sense that this will be a good addition to my short list of mobile games. So, without further ado, enjoy the trailer!
That's it! But, of course, we won't just end it without giving proper credits. All the images, content, and trailers shown belong to ForwardWorks and Boltrend Games. Thank you for giving us the chance to try it out earlier this coming year and for giving the whole world the chance to play this awesome game soon. May Disgaea RPG find success in its upcoming global launch.

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