Team SMG departed from the Game Changers Roster

Team SMG has announced that they have parted ways with their Game Changers roster. The reveal was made only weeks before the upcoming 2024 Game Changers season starts and even with the team’s impressive 2023 season run.

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Team SMG was composed of Indonesians Odella ‘enerii’ Abraham, Ryona ‘tarathiel’ Tan, Singaporean ‘Kohaibi’, and Filipino members Alexandria ‘Alexy’ Francisco, Kelly'shirazi' Jaudian, and Camille ‘Kamiyu’ Enriquez.

During the 2023 Game Changers Champions in Rio, Team SMG set a record season with a 33-win streak. The team shook the VALORANT community with their pick of four duelists in their opening match against North American team Version1, marking one of the most iconic moments of Game Changers.

Their surprising picks not only gave them the first victory during the first match but also sent the Version1 squad down to the lower bracket with a convincing 2-0 score. However, the team finished at 4th after losing to Team Liquid at the end of the tournament.

During Riot Games Philippines’ Outlaw show match, the girls shared a bit of their plans for the upcoming competitive season of VALORANT. It has been revealed that Enerii, Alexy, Shirazi, and Kamiyu will still team up for the upcoming Game Changers season, as the bond that has formed between all of them is what made them decide to retry together again.

“It’s the chemistry that we built throughout the year, and what we have, it’s like a family,
” said Kamiyu after the Outlaw show match.

“I think for me, I played with a lot of players in the past, and the three players here (Shirazi, Alexy, and Kamiyu) have a good bond within and outside the game, and I never felt more comfortable, so I appreciate them,” added Enerii.

Enerii confirms their team-up with Tara in an announcement on her official social media page.

With VALORANT Esports now encouraging mixed-gender teams for the upcoming 2024 Challenger season, the team was asked if they would like to try it during the coming season.

According to Alexy, the team’s current goal is to focus on the Game Changers tournament for now after not being able to grab the championship title last year, and will eventually try to participate in the Men’s League later on.