Watch the new Naruto/Boruto Movie trailer! Anime 

Guild of Guardians


Sep 21, 2014
One and half months to go before the premiere of Boruto: Naruto the Movie, the second trailer of the much-awaited post-Naruto saga film has been released this weekend. From the first scene onwards, it already provides fans a low down about the identity of the new characters and the central plot of the story.

In this trailer, you'll see how the small child Boruto surpasses the great legend NARUTO and as stated in the new trailer which confirms that Sasuke is the real master of Boruto while Sarada activated the full power of the Sharingan in both eyes , Mizuki's ability and identity still remains a big question up to this date.

Is Naruto... uhm, going to die? In the trailer, it shows Naruto entrusting to Sasuke that guy, or A.K.A his son Boruto, before the scene shifted to a huge explosion. It's still a speculation, but the trailer seems to be conveying a message that it would be a change of guards in the story with Boruto starting an era of his own. It's too early to come up with such silly conclusion (big Naruto fan here), but the only way to find it out is to watch on the big screen on August 7 in Japan.