Chen Item Build and Gameplay Guide


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Nov 3, 2014
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Chen Guide - Advantages, Weaknesses Drafting, Item Build and Gameplay

  • One of the best if not the best support in dota.
  • Strong pusher with creeps.
  • Can jungle with no items.
  • Can save teammates with Holy Pursuasion.
  • 28% dmg increase with Penitance.
  • Can controle up to 3 creeps.
  • Aura's (if you have creeps that have them)
  • Hard to learn.
  • Hard to micro all the creeps.
  • Usually first to be focused.
  • Relatively squishy
Do not pick:
  • you can't do support
  • you can't do micro and macro controlling
  • Your team need super babysitter
  • too many carry in your team
  • need good pusher and support
Role: Support - Jungler - Pusher

Skill Build
  • 1: Holy Persuasion
  • 2: Test of Faith
  • 3: Holy Persuasion
  • 4: Test of Faith
  • 5: Holy Persuasion
  • 6: Hand Of God
  • 7: Holy Persuasion
  • 8: Test of Faith
  • 9: Test of Faith
  • 10: Penitence
  • 11: Hand Of God
  • 12: Penitence
  • 13: Penitence
  • 14: Penitence
  • 15: stats
  • 16: Hand Of God
  • 17-25: stats

Why maxed Holy Persuasion first? You need this skill to can survive in the jungle.

Why maxed Test of Faith before Penitence? The rule of DotA: Nukes for early game, physical damage for late game. Test of Faith is a nuke therefore should be maxed before the the Penitence. And also with the increaseing level of Test of Faith will decrease the delay of sending ally to the base.

Item Build and Gameplay

Early Game Items:
  • Animal Courier
  • Ring of Protection
  • Observer Ward
Core Items: Arcane Boots

When the game starts you want to get your items and head to the jungle(dire: top Radiant: bot) go stand near the rune spawn but make sure you are not seen by the enemy when the rune does spawn, you can pick it up or tell your team its there.

At 0:30 seconds the neutral creeps will spawn.
Head over to the stronger creeps and use your Holy Persuasion on them to take control of them.

Good first creeps are Centaur Khan, Ursa Warrior, Troll Warlord and the Satyr.

Now just spend some time jungling and make some money.

For the rest of the game u want to be jungling, ganking and pushing. finding a nice balance between this take some time.

When team-fights start BE THERE.

Mid Game Items:
  • Mekansm
  • Pipe of Insight
With the big pushing power on your creeps, you can destroy towers easily. So on early game, at least you should get one or two of enemy towers. That way your team will get more money than the opposing team.

When your team want's to start ganking, you should also help by using your abilities:
1. Hand of God > to keep teammates alive
2. Penitence > to amplify the damage
3. Test of Faith > to nuke down enemy

Also remember to replace the wards because your team always needs the vision of crtain areas.

Late Game Items:
  • Aghanims Scepter
  • Guardian Greaves
  • Force Staff
On the late game, your job is mainly to cast your Hand of God in a big clash. You have the ability to keeps your teammates alive with it. And if you have farmed enough, you may already buy the Aghanim Scepter which dramatically reduces the cooldown and you can spam this skill to make sure nobody dies from your team.

And also remember to save your friend who is in danger with casting Test of Faith on him so he will be send to base immediately.

On the late game you may already have the Mekansm, and you should also cast this on a clash to helps your team survive in the teamfight.

Friends and Enemies


  • Bane
  • Enigma
  • Earthshaker
  • Shadow Shaman
  • Lion
  • Phantom Assassin
  • Terrorblade
  • Phantom Lancer
  • Anti Mage
  • Luna
  • Ursa

Disabler (AoE)
  • Tidehunter
  • Enigma
  • Magnus
  • Earthshaker
  • Slardar

More units more damage for Clinkz

  • Doom
  • Drow Ranger
  • Night Stalker
  • Silencer