Sacrilegium Released Date 2014


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Oct 30, 2014
Tarlac tarlac
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Release date: 2014

We want to like Sacrilegium. We want to get excited for a new survival horror game where the focus is said to be on story and atmosphere. We love a new setting, and there aren't many games set in modern-day Romania. We want to kill some modern day vampires, if only to flush out our lingering disgust for Twilight. Sacrilegium sounds like it has everything we could want, but we're hesitant for one major reason: TopWare Interactive.

TopWare really upset us with Two Worlds. That was supposed to be a major challenger to the Elder Scrolls' throne, but instead turned into a total mess. Two Worlds II mended some of the fences, but the damage is done. If Sacrilegium can put TopWare back on the map, then bring it on, we would love that. For now though, we're going to keep an wary eye on this vampire killing adventure.