Mobile Legends - Top 10 Best Heroes Based on Official Statistics March 2020 Week 4

This list will be based from the official statistics found in the ML:BB Official Website. For better accuracy, the filter used for the best heroes is Ranked Game in Very High Elo for all server. You might probably be surprised which heroes have the highest win rate for this week. Check this post out and it will be explained why these heroes are in this list.

The order in this list will be in increasing win rate.

1. Uranus
  • Win Rate: 52.88%
  • Pick Rate: 2.59%

After Uranus offlane was played in professional tournaments, it quickly booms out to be a very popular pick with a high win rate. He is currently an S Tier Hero. His superior regen abilities, fast clear wave, and mobility is something that other tanks can't do.

2. Valir
  • Win Rate: 53.25%
  • Pick Rate: 2.67%

Valir is also one of the most popular mage in very high elo and is also one of the most banned. He is currently an S+ Tier Mage. He is commonly played as a support. His ability to counter the initiation of tanks due to his knockback skill is one of his signature. His passive also makes him deal damage based on hp percentage which can melt tanks faster than using most mages. His ability to stun targets, poke them to death, or even to remove crowd control effects using his ultimate skill makes him really deserving to be known as one of the best heroes.

3. Karrie
  • Win Rate: 53.3%
  • Pick Rate: 3.91%

Karrie is part of the Kadina Triumvirate which dominates the meta right now. Her ability to hypercarry makes her the best marksman as of now. Tanks or squishies alike will be killed easily once reached her powerspike.

4. Selena
  • Win Rate: 53.89%
  • Pick Rate: 1.72%

From number 9 in the february month-ender list to number 7 highest win rate. Selena is an S+ Assassin/Mage which has high utility aside from the damage she deals. Even if using support emblem and played as a mage/support, she can provide a lot for the team from map vision, damage, and crowd control. She can kill the purple buff before the 40-second mark come. She has high invade and kill potential. A very deserving hero to be in this list.

5. Grock
  • Win Rate: 54.46%
  • Pick Rate: 1.56%

Another tank for this list! He is naturally tanky because of his passive that gives a very high amount of physical and magical defense. A very efficient tank for this META. His invade and zoning potential is also a grear threat for the enemy team. His second skill has its various utilities. The ability to deny crowd control effects is also one of the signature attribute of Grock as a tank.

6. Lolita

  • Win Rate: 54.61%
  • Pick Rate: 0.85%

She is the third tank hero in this list. She is a tank/support that counters what we know as the current Marksman META. Her second skill can deny the damage from any projectiles and long-ranged basic attacks. She is a popular counterpick against Granger, Karrie, Kimmy, and Chang'e. Thus, there is no doubt why she shines in the current META. She can even blocked the ultimate skill of Cecillion. Recently, her pick rate decreases along with her win rate from being a top 1 down to top 5 this month. The rise of other tanks and supports might be a reason why Lolita became a situational pick again.

7. Carmilla
  • Win Rate: 54.88%
  • Pick Rate: 0.43%

She is one of the best support heroes to use right now. She is tanky because of her passive. She has CC because of her second skill. She can last long in teamfights and give sustained damage and lifesteal because of her first skill. Her ultimate skill is also a game changer. She may not be a very popular pick in solo queue but she can definitely help in winning games as long as you have a trustworthy carry hero.

8. Atlas
  • Win Rate: 54.98%
  • Pick Rate: 2.07%

The newly released tank is currently the best tank based on that win rate. He is easy to use that is why many players are able to master him easily. His passive gives him natural tankiness. He can also slow nearby enemies. He also has a good mobility skill from his second skill which can also stun targets which makes it an easy set-up for his ultimate skill to always land. His second skill also gives 50% damage reduction which makes it easy for him to go in and out from teamfights without getting killed.

9. Kimmy
  • Win Rate: 56.25%
  • Pick Rate: 0.29%

Low pick rate due to her being banned because of a bug that makes her really powerful. That bug also is one of the reason why she has a high win rate. She might go down in this list for the upcoming weeks since the bug is fixed.

10. Diggie
  • Win Rate: 58.12%
  • Pick Rate: 1.42%

From 0.2% to 1.42% pick rate and from 55% to more than 58% win rate. Diggie is good because of the poke damage from his first skill and the crowd control removal and immunity especially from his ultimate skill. In the current META where crowd control is a neccessity, Diggie will also be picked and a very effective counter-META. This second hero in the Kadina Triumvirate can also give map vision through his time bombs. This hero might be rarely picked in Epic and Legend Ranks especially in solo queue because he still relies on the carry heroes.

Where's Nana (3rd hero of the Kadina Triumvirate) ? She is at Rank 29 with 50.76% win rate and 4.69% pick rate. Some are still trolling when using Nana that is why she isn't able to be in this list even though she is also an S+ Tier Support

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